Rachel Hillary

"Otherworldly folk sung by the voice of an angel from outer space..."

Rachel is a singer-songwriter, born and bred in Manchester and Stockport.

She has an enormous raw talent, a kind of ethereal hypnotic charm that casts an immediate spell over any audience. Her lyrics and her singing take you firmly to another world, playing on your emotions. Rachel sings not only from the heart but also from the soul.

listen to my musical archives in the dusty library below filled with afternoon sunlight:

Love <3

“I'm no expert - but I know what moves me. She has an incredible talent vocally and lyrically…… Rachel, it seems to me, brings an otherworldliness to her songs that I've not heard in a new artist for some time.”

“Gifted artists move you. They make the hair on the back your neck stand on end and convey the impression of being in the same room, although their only presence is that silver disc spinning in the CD player. It is to that select group of performers that Rachel Hillary belongs.”

  • North West Folk

“Absinthe Husband is a different kind of love song. Its sound makes me think of someone pulling a wallflower into the middle of a dance around a roaring bonfire. It speaks of indulgence of several kinds; the indulgence of alcohol is the obvious one, but it is also about indulging in love. This love seems to be the “Eros“ kind of love, which is usually interpreted as the romantic type of love.

The song relates this type of love to the intoxicating effects of absinthe. I think it recreates that feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship where you can’t think of anything but the object of your affection very well. The second to last stanza is interesting; it lists how several types of alcohol makes the singer feel. I feel like this is the singer comparing their new lover to past lovers, or other suitors, perhaps.

Overall, the song is itself intoxicating, demanding to be listened to over and over until you forget what time it is or where you are. Which is ok because you can listen to it some more while you stumble home. So find a tree to sit under and listen to Miss Hillary while the faerie folk dance around you. Namaste.”

“After a short break we were next treated to folk singer Rachel Hillary, who had the hushed crowd mesmerised from start to finish with just a plucked guitar and amazing voice but perhaps the most mesmerising moment was a rendition minus the guitar to leave a haunting a capella song. This was poetry set to music which you had been privileged to be allowed into for a brief time. Again this was not something I would usually go out to see but found myself total captivated by the performance.”


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