Third Eye Magic Candles

Third Eye Magic Candles


I have a limited number of these candles at a discounted price right now to celebrate their release into the world.

Heart expanding and seductive Vanilla meets with dreamy and mysterious Frankincense, to dance toward your third eye with grace and love.  That’s part of the magic with these candles, I’ve created them to connect the beauty of the heart with the power of the third eye.

These candles are full of love and magic. 

Soy wax infused with Vanilla, Frankincense, Mugwort, Frankincense Resin, Lavender, actual Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz crystals at the bottom, charging them up. Along with Star Symbols I’ve channeled powering through and emanating outwards. 

I have created these candles for use when manifesting, doing readings, reiki and other healing work, contacting other realms and expanding your consciousness. Or you can just use them to chill whilst activating some star energy within you, just by being :) 

Couldn’t get the blue colour right as I want to keep the ingredients natural and non chemical so for now they are just yummy creamy colour but still just as magical. 

Please keep an eye on the flame and burn in a safe place though cos these candles hold POWERFUL ENERGY I TELL YA. 

Take a deep breath and begin. 

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