The Meadow Meditation

The Meadow Meditation


This meditation feels very important to me. It is inspired by a brief meditation exercise I used to listen to on a youtube video, which was an extract of a talk by Bashar / Darryl Anka.

It is crafted to encourage you to feel the influence you can have over your own reality, just by intention and feeling. It is designed to be playful and expansive. It takes place in a beautiful magical meadow, where you have power and influence over your surroundings, able to create whatever scenery you like.

Then we receive downloads and loving guidance and healing from a higher energy, from nature itself, from whatever you intuitively connect with. Even though I am the meditation guide here, this meditation really has an energy all its own, and guides you itself. It’s magical! I had to re-record it as the first take lacked the SPECIAL energy I needed to connect with in order to channel the energies of this meditation through my voice.

I recommend it for any kind of healing, or reality creation, parallel reality work you are looking to dive into.

Also, the music for this meditation is tuned to 432hz a frequency said to promote health and wellness throughout your being, release emotional blockages, and expand our consciousness.

Important notice for this meditation: have fun! and be open.

20 minutes

Please Note: At the moment downloads don’t download properly to iphones or ipads.

You can use the Documents app to download and save on your phone, or download to your computer and email to yourself / upload to your phone, it’s a pain and they’ve told me they’re working on it.

Download links expire after 24 hours but if you need anything re-sending just give me an email and I will sort it for you :)

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