Surrender Meditation

Surrender Meditation


This meditation is created for something I felt like I needed myself right now, a big hug and release in a meditation. It is delicate and emotional, a safe space set on a beautiful beach at sunset with purple skies. 

With all of my meditations it is like an energy transmission as well, something is seeded within them with a different flower blooming with each listen. 

This meditation is for all of us, whether you are suffering pain, grief, heartbreak, frustration, a beautiful act and one of the best things you can do is surrender. Stop trying to force things, to push, and just surrender, release. 

And that is where the magic can have the space to happen. 

I pour myself into my meditations, like I do into my music, but in both of these creative acts I also channel from higher realms, accidentally often, from the stars and from the hum of the earth we have to be very still to hear.

This meditation feels sacred, powerful and holy somehow. 

19 minutes.

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