Summer Solstice Meditation

Summer Solstice Meditation


This guided meditation is specially crafted to assist you in welcoming in the new light of the summer solstice.

It is perfect for any kind of personal solstice ritual or even in a group.

Allowing in this light assists us in healing, in transforming and in growing spiritually. There is also an opportunity in this meditation to send this healing light to other people or places in need.

15 minutes

Please Note: At the moment downloads don’t download properly to iphones or ipads.

You can use the Documents app to download and save on your phone, or download to your computer and email to yourself / upload to your phone, it’s a pain and they’ve told me they’re working on it.

Download links expire after 24 hours but if you need anything re-sending just give me an email and I will sort it for you :)

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