New Moon Meditation: Cleansing, Clearing, Refreshing

New Moon Meditation: Cleansing, Clearing, Refreshing


This meditation is intended to tap into the energy of the new moon symbolically or literally, which means it can be used at any time of the month. As we are just working with energy :)

The energy of the new moon reminds me of the brink of dawn, when the light is just coming in, and so that is where this meditation takes place in our visualisation.

You may wish to write any intentions you have down beforehand, or afterwards, or not at all.

This is a very free meditation, which will hopefully soothe you, refresh you, and give you a new spark of energy and spiritual insight.

The accompanying music is so beautiful, and is by the amazing Blue Dot Sessions.

15 minutes

Please Note: At the moment downloads don’t download properly to iphones or ipads.

You can use the Documents app to download and save on your phone, or download to your computer and email to yourself / upload to your phone, it’s a pain and they’ve told me they’re working on it.

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