Light Activation Meditation

Light Activation Meditation


This is an invigorating and spiritually uplifting meditation experience.

It is designed to pull light energy in from the top and bottom of your physical body. You can then use this light for healing, activating, and awakening to who you really are as a divine being.

Connecting us back to the magic.

This meditation is guided, by my voice for 15 minutes, then it is just music to sit within the energies for the last 5 minutes.

20 minutes

Please Note: At the moment downloads don’t download properly to iphones or ipads.

You can use the Documents app to download and save on your phone, or download to your computer and email to yourself / upload to your phone, it’s a pain and they’ve told me they’re working on it.

Download links expire after 24 hours but if you need anything re-sending just give me an email and I will sort it for you :)

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