Healing Singing Sound Bath Session

Healing Singing Sound Bath Session


I have been a singer all my life, it’s just a part of me, and all my life I have allowed something to move through me. I often use singing as a self healing tool and during reiki sessions. I’ve been singing since I was able to speak, and i’ve been a musician (click here to learn more) playing gigs professionally since I was 19 and have even had people tell me my performances have felt healing to them.

I believe I am supposed to now share my singing in the creation of beautiful mini healing sound baths, alongside my own musical creations as a Musical Artist.

Music, and singing can be incredibly healing, elevating, and create profound feelings of connection. I believe it raises the frequency of our heart centre and radiates healing outwards, when we sing or when we listen to others sing, or any beautiful music.

I am now offering brief 10-15 mins energy transmission healing singing sound bath sessions. Full of love, healing, light language and heart chakra energy. Pre recorded and attuned to your needs, then delivered by MP3 to your inbox. Custom made for you. To keep forever.

All you have to do is lay back and listen.

Once purchased your healing singing sound bath will me delivered to your inbox in an mp3 within 3-5 working days.

Fill in the form, and feel free to contact me with any questions otherwise.

lots of love always always


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