Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing


Welcome to the gateway of healing and harmony. I am a Reiki master level practitioner, click here to learn more about my style of reiki and healing.

There are many studies of the powerful effects of distance healings and prayer. Reiki and healing energy transends time, space, any boundaries or limitations you can imagine. The person doesn’t even need to believe, doesn’t even need to know the healing is happening.

Distance healing can help soothe physical ailments, emotional distress and encourage overall harmony and healing. To me it is an art form, unique to every healer, a beautiful practice.

I have been trying to find the right way to offer my own distance healings and I think this is the right one for now. As I already offer recorded healing singing sound baths, I will now be offering this form of silent distance reiki.

In order to also accommodate in the best way I can those on the other side of the world or in different time zones (reiki transcends time and space) there need be no set time to receive this healing. I actually find it works beautifully in this format, when you don’t even know specifically when it’s taking place so your conscious pesky mind can actually get out of the way somewhat.

So this healing I am offering will consist of two 20 minute healing sessions for you remotely, over the course of two days, and I will email you once the healing is completed with any notes or extra healing words or guidance I can offer.

I still really love doing my in person Reiki sessions, incorporating sound healing and hands on healing, but this truly is a different energy, different animal, and so separate in its own right it shall be.

All I ask if you enter into this with an open heart

After purchasing you can expect your healing to begin within 3-5 days of purchase, and be spread over the course of two days. :) I will email you once completed!

Please note Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for other medical guidance and help but as a compliment on any healing journey.

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