Attracting Love Meditation: The Waterfall Of Love

Attracting Love Meditation: The Waterfall Of Love


Swimming and floating in the waterfalls of loving energy!

When we fill ourselves with love, we attract more loving relationships and situations to us. This meditation aims to cover you in a blanket of love, thus enhancing your relationship and love with yourself, with others, with your soul mate be it in spirit or physical, enabling us to blur those lines.

I wanted it to be soothing, loving, and also empowering.

Fall in love with love

It does not matter if you don't yet or always fully believe the affirmations, just let the words wash over you.

The first ten minutes is a guided visualisation, my words kind of flowed like the waterfall whilst writing and recording this one.

Then there are five minutes of spoken affirmations, to simply listen to and let wash over you

Then there is around 5 minutes of reflection at the end with just music while we let everything absorb into your being.

Listen to this every day or a few times a week, and watch what happens.

20 minutes

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