1/2 Hour Distance Reiki Session

1/2 Hour Distance Reiki Session


Please click here and read carefully before booking with me

1 Hour distance reiki session with me, upon booking you will receive email confirmation from me personally within 48 hours. If you don’t heart from me or have any trouble email me rachelehillary@yahoo.co.uk or use the contact form. You will usually receive your completed distance reiki session mp3 to your inbox within 3-5 days. ❤️

I am now doing these sessions in a new way, where your reiki session will be recorded and sent to you in an mp3 for you to listen to, and in this way you can listen to it over and over if you wish! So it’s a little like my meditations. But with the healing sessions I deliberately tune in with your energies, call in the energies from spirit and the divine, and harness them into one beautiful glowing and flowing audio track which is full of energy and healing.

Different from in person sessions, these reiki recordings will use more spoken word, and channelings I’ve found coming through my voice of late. For some reason this seems to be the way spirit keeps guiding me to connect with people is through spoken word recordings.

This is something I actually started doing for myself recently and found it worked so beautifully.

You don’t have to worry about time and space, as energy isn’t bound by these rules. You can actually send reiki healing to past and future events, and so with these reiki recordings you can listen to them months later and you may actually receive a different type of message or healing.

By booking you agree that this reiki session is not recommended to replace any medical treatment or medical advice, to be used as any kind of replacement therapy, but simply to compliment healing and any other ongoing treatment.

After a session some people experience sensitivity, physical, emotional or otherwise, please prepare for this eventuality. Be gentle with your beautiful self!

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