*At the moment I am only accepting in person energy work clients through personal referrals

If you are interested in booking a distance reiki session with me, read on below. I am a Reiki Master Teacher Level certified practitioner, and energy work has brought me so much joy, clarity, spiritual advancement and adventures, and healing. I would love to work with you!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of channeling universal life force energy, uniting the divine spirit with the physical realms, creating comfort, healing, relaxation, heightening intuition and soothing the spirit. I have always worked with energy in one form or another, but when I received my Reiki Master attunement, it was like new doorways opened and things became even clearer. Every practitioner is different, and I still receive healings from other energy workers myself, not only to receive blessings and love but to support my fellow energy workers.

I believe working with a ‘healer’ is like using a tuning fork, to tap into a vibration then allow it to reverberate through someone else, realigning the energy fields, realigning with the universe with ease. It is like being a vessel for energy, a conduit, whilst also drawing in different aspects of this energy, which each energy worker has unique access to. Which is why every energy worker and healer is different. A healer opens a doorway and then allows YOU to find the light and power in you. We are all just tuning forks activating one another.

How is distance reiki different to in person reiki?

For me in person reiki feels more intense yet relaxing in the way it’s like an integration in the moment, of astral healing swirling with physical body, whereas when I’ve had distance reiki it feels lighter and like a cooling swirling shower very gently transforming and healing energetic issues, and then later integrated more fully into my physical body when I return. It’s the same destination just different scenery on the way. I will email you after your healing session also as sometimes I pick up on things, or receive images, you may also wish to make a note of any visions or feelings you receive during your session.

What is my reiki like?

If you enjoy the energy of my meditations and readings I think you will enjoy my healing sessions. And I actually stumble over the word healing as it’s difficult to translate into words what this healing session means. I prefer the word Harmonising. It’s so different for everyone. It’s like an adaptogenic herb in a way! It adapts to whatever all of your bodies need right now. From the beginning of my reiki learning journey I’ve blended different styles and methods, which my teacher of course encouraged. So depending on the client I use tuning forks, crystals, frequency music, incense and herbs, aura sprays. I also work with what I can only describe as star energy and star beings a lot during meditation and healing, so this is also included in how I work with energy.

So I use a mixture of Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Seichim Sekhem Reiki and Pyramid Reiki, along with my own gathered energies from lots of deep diving into soul work and flying up into star energy meditations. Whatever is the best energetic fit for you, will connect and flow. I incorporate sounds from tuning forks, singing bowls, my own voice, and work with crystals and my higher self and spiritual guides.

What does it feel like?

I cannot stress this enough it is sooo different for everyone. Some people feel hot, some cold, some feel emotional but a happy release, some feel unconditional love and bliss. Many people in my sessions have seen visions and images as I work naturally very visually. It’s good to make a note afterwards! It can make you feel sleepy. Whenever I do a reiki session for my Father he always describes it like some kind of mushroom trip, but we are a wacky fam ;). Mostly people just feel very relaxed and embraced by a loving energy, it’s a time out from the world to allow a shift to begin to integrate. You may feel your chakras shifting and stirring and adapting to the new influx of energy, notice where this happens for you as it will be significant.

How do I prepare?

So to make the most of the experience I recommend finding a quiet place to lay down or sit down if you prefer, with a nice blanket, a cup of herbal tea, and a big glass of water to drink afterwards! You can light some candles, burn some incense if you like, do whatever it takes to make your environment relaxing. Oh and turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode. Then you will press play on your reiki recording and I will guide you through some relaxation as the energies begin to flow.

What happens after I purchase?

After you purchase I will email you not long after, to confirm, we will converse via email and I can answer any other questions you have, or you can let me know any more information you’d like to share, then your reiki session will soon be completed and sent to your inbox for you to tune in and drop out to :)

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