Red Moon Magic.

/rɛd/ 1. of a colour at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies.


Symbol channelled from Arcturus

For Harmony, Strength and Healing

Hi, I’m Rachel…

Reiki Master, Star Light Activator, Meditation Guide and Witchy woman.

Here you will find…

Readings full of intuition, and the dancing colours of the rainbow that will bounce around and land right on your third eye, heart connection, soul speak and whimsy.

Guided Meditations that are adventures down the rabbit hole with a paisley parachute and pink lemonade in a teacup. Always full of love and a safe flight.

This is the cosmic energy healing playtime, to open up channels within yourself, activate dormant sleeping centres, and simply bask in the light we can all share with one another

You can follow me on the Insight Timer app to listen to my meditations for free, or you can purchase them in the shop to download and keep forever.

Visit the shop for all the magic goodies, to book reiki sessions, buy meditations and book tarot readings and more.

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Symbol channelled from Sirius
For Ancient Wisdom and Serenity