The Lovers


I feel like I talk about the lovers card a lot, but as with all readings, the energy is constantly in flux, changeable and infinite! The lovers is such an expansive card to me. 
It being Gemini season and the lovers being the corresponding card for this zodiac sign, it reappears again today with a message.

Love is not just one definition but many, all, because it really is everything. So shift the popular definition of love, maybe even throw the definition away and simply feel.

Feeling is the secret, I think that’s the title of one of my many Neville Goddard books.

I love the installation art piece in the background as it reminds me of the electric, transcendent and expansive energy of love and what can happen when two hearts meet, set each other alight and explode into a breathtaking celestial firework display.

The man who flew into space from his apartment. And that’s kind of what we are doing every day, harmonising the earth with the heavens. These energies can catapult you that fast, that far, stretching time and space.

But if we look at the lovers as not two actual people, but two energies, we can dive deeper. 
Completely whole separate and completely whole together, both correct and equally important. 
The physical merging with the divine. The fact that you are even a being, existing, breathing, reading this. 
Is a cosmic wonder.

Just some words to get some fast thoughts going this Gemini season. 
Maybe even faster than we are able to think, it’s still happening.